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The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) is an independent, not-for-profit coalition of research, business and government promoting energy productivity, energy efficiency and decentralised energy. A2EP aims to inform, influence and advance the effective use of energy in Australia. We were established in 2009. More information, including details or our Board of Directors is available here.  You’ll find most of the material we’ve produced for the program here


2xEP is shorthand for doubling energy productivity. The program commenced in mid-2014 and was designed to produce a national, economy-wide roadmap to double energy productivity by 2030, from a 2010 baseline. We’ve generated an extraordinary body of ground-breaking research (if we do say ourselves). We’ve worked with a diverse range of partners in research organisations, the business community and government agencies. The work has been supported financially and in-kind by our members, federal and state government agencies, individual businesses and associations



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