Renewed CPRS focus on energy efficiency a welcome development

24 November 2009

The Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) has welcomed the news that negotiated amendments to CPRS legislation include the development of an ‘Energy Efficiency Mechanism’ in 2010.

A2SE’sExecutive Director Mark Lister said that a broad-based mechanism to create a market for energy efficiency made perfect sense alongside schemes to support renewable energy and to transition the fossil fuel generation sector.

“Through this amendment, Government and Opposition negotiators are to be congratulated for beginning to see energy efficiency for what it is – the largest, most cost-effective emissions reduction opportunity available.

“If it is passed by the Senate, and implemented to its full potential, this amendment will substantially reduce the cost of implementing the CPRS to all energy users.

“The proposed Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency must consider the views of a wide range of experts, including those in business, academia and non-government sectors, to ensure the objectives of an Energy Efficiency Mechanism are ambitious and far-reaching enough to unlock the savings opportunities,” Mr Lister said.

Energy efficiency has the biggest potential of all measures to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse emissions in the short-term, and is available now with existing technologies.  A 2007 ABARE study estimated energy efficiency would directly account for 55% of Australia’s abatement by 2050, much of it at an economic benefit.

Serious investment in energy efficiency can deliver impressive returns, reduce emissions, lower transition costs economy-wide, improve the competitiveness of Australian business and keep clean energy investment and jobs in Australia.  Energy efficiency will make it easier to meet Australia’s targets and will reduce the impact on Australian families.

A2SE is modelled on the United States-based Alliance to Save Energy (, which has played a critical role in US energy efficiency advocacy and policy making for over 30 years.  The Alliance has helped design, implement, and evaluate a range of energy efficiency, demand management and distributed energy programs. A2SE is drawing upon this expertise to bring together business, public sector, environmental and consumer leaders to advance a non-partisan and collaborative body of knowledge that supports the case for saving energy and using it more wisely.

A²SE’s work addresses research, awareness and policy issues relating to the reduction of wasteful and non-productive uses of energy across all sectors.

A2SE is holding events in Sydney and Melbourne in December to outline its collaborative model and its links to the global agenda, as well as to seek participation in its work. These seminars mark the beginning of A2SE’s efforts to create a stronger voice and sustained momentum behind energy efficiency in Australia. 

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