Parliamentarians for Energy Productivity - Webinar with Christoph von Spesshardt

2 November 2017

In his presentation for our webinar international energy thought-leader, Christoph von Spesshardt outlined:

  • why Germany is putting energy efficiency first in its energy policy
  • how improving energy productivity can increase GDP and jobs, and
  • the role of government in sparking a market transformation.

While Jonathan Jutsen, Chair of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, detailed how Australia can follow Germany's lead and reap the benefits of getting more value of every unit of energy, namely a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system.

Click here to watch/listen to the webinar (45mins).

View Christoph von Spesshardt's presentation slides.

View Jonathan Jutsen's presentation slides.

German National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency


About Christoph von Spesshardt
Christoph is the Director of Public Affairs and Strategy for the Knauf Group and Vice-Chair of DENEFF, the German business initiative for energy efficiency. He kindly shared his experiences and perspectives during a visit to Australia.