The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity differs from other Australian trade, industry or non-profit associations. The A2EP approach is unique for a number of reasons:


A2EP is not a lobbying group on behalf of member organisations. A2EP is non-partisan and advocates for increased capacity to deliver on energy productivity improvement. A2EP is ‘pro energy productivity’ and therefore supports those working to improve energy productivity in Australia.

Rather than trying to ‘out-compete’ existing efforts, the A2EP approach is to invite all those with a stake in energy productivity to the table; this includes industry, community and environmental groups, politicians from all major parties, and all sectors of industry. A2EP believes that all of these stakeholders will be required to significantly advance energy efficiency.


The benefits created through energy productivity are far-reaching and relevant to a wide range of sectors. This is why A2EP provides a mainstream voice for energy productivity, rather than representing the views of a single membership group.

A2EP advocates that energy productivity is not only supported by energy services companies, but also by a wide range of organisations from all sectors.

Independent and impartial

Well-researched and clearly presented information about energy productivity issues and potential is hard to find.

Our non-partisan nature enables us to undertake and publish independent research in the public and national interest.


A2EP is affiliated and linked to international energy productivity developments and best practice through the Global Alliance for Energy Productivityand other organisations.