Increasing your energy efficiency at home can be as easy as switching to compact fluorescent or LED lights and choosing energy efficient appliances. Here are just some of the ways you can start improving energy efficiency at home.


Buy energy efficient appliances, such as air-conditioners, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washing machines and clothes dryers. Choose products with an energy rating label - the more stars the more energy efficient the product will be.

Heating and Cooling

Choose heating and cooling systems based on their energy efficiency rating. Seal draughts around windows and doors with weather strips and close the doors to rooms you don’t need to heat or cool. Use blinds and curtains to help keep your home warm or cool and consider insulating your ceiling, roof, floors and walls if possible


Using more energy efficient cooking appliances and changing the way you cook can increase your home’s energy efficiency. If possible, use an electric fry pan, pressure cooker or microwave oven as an alternative to traditional electric ovens, which typically use more energy.

Home Energy Audits

Conduct a home energy audit either yourself or through an accredited home energy assessor. Many electricity retailers offer online or in home energy audits, or you can rate your home’s energy useage with the NABERS online rating tool.

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